Welcome to Adorabell, a magic special One Page tribute to the magnificent witch Wilbell voll Erslied (Bell for short) of Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk for the Play Station 3. Bell is one of my absolute favorites for many reasons and I hope to address them all and I hope you enjoy reading about her. Because she is awesome!

How to Get Bell

You Should Carry More WalletsAyesha first meets Bell in Vierzeberg on Bazaar Street. Bell tells her that’s she is a witch because Ayesha is an alchemist and they are similar to witches but not as great. Ayesha is confused by it all but nods and smiles happily. Bell is again encountered at Hill Plaza when Ayesha loses her wallet. Bell tells her to carry at least two wallets from now on. The little witch also helps Ayseha find her wallet for free because she’s so nice. Lastly Bell is encountered on the bridge leaving town. And that’s when Bell agrees to accompany Ayesha (because who wouldn’t want to be friends with a witch?) Seriously Bell, you don’t have to try so hard.

Bell in Battle

Bell is mighty squishy in battle and it’s hard to keep her alive. Personally I suggest making dye and whetstones to upgrade the high quality brooms and light armour for her. Anything that increases physical resistance and HP/MP would be good for her. Once her equipment is upgraded it should be easier to keep her alive and continue using her in battle.

Skill List

Ending Requirements

Girls GatheringThrough Bell’s events to get her ending, you can see a lot of character growth for the little witch. She learns that it’s okay to ask for help and it is okay to rely on people and not make them do all the work. Bell also appears in the “Girl’s Gathering” ending along with Tanya, Nanaca, Nio, Marietta and Ayesha. For that ending Ayesha must befriend all the girls, however I am unsure if ALL the girls need befriended or just the ones in the ending. To be safe befriend them ALL. It’s a really cute ending in which Bell and Nio argue about a piece of cake but ultimately give it to Tanya. Aww, friendship!


Friends I Can Rely On When Bell first meets Ayseha, I believe she is immediately taken with her as she hasn’t met too many alchemists before. She is intrigued. Ayesha becomes like an older sister to Bell throughout the game as you are getting the requirements for her ending. I don’t feel that Ayesha is trying to replace Nio as she is trying desperately to save her (and you need to save Nio to finish Bell’s ending). Bell and Ayesha became friends through the quest and Bell told Ayesha to call her “Bell” but Nio isn’t allowed too. Because of Ayesha, Bell is able to prove herself to her great-great grandmother and fight against the Wind Caller. She doesn’t do it alone because she has friends she can rely on. I think Bell’s grandmother was trying to teach her that and with Ayesha’s help that is what happened. At first Bell is selfish, lazy, and wants to be a great witch without doing the work but through the course of the game she changes for the better and gets on the right track.

Bell is jealous of Nio and Ayesha’s relationship, they are too “sisterly” when they are together and it makes Bell feel left out. Nio wants to be friends with Bell but she isn’t allowed to call her “Bell”. Bell states this because Nio is younger and doesn’t get to call her that. After getting denied about other names for Nio to call her, she finally gives up and allows Nio to call her “Wilbell”. These two are about the same age and I think that they could get a long great as long as Ayesha isn’t there (at least for the beginning until the two girls are more comfortable with each other) because Bell gets jealous and feels like a third wheel. Bell and Nio appear together in Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemist of the Dusk Sky which takes place 4 years after the start of Atelier Ayesha. (However the game isn’t out in the US, so no more on that!)

There is a small event in Hallos Village if you take Bell with you. Enter in one of the residence houses and Ayesha will scream claiming to have gotten a cob web in the face. It scares Bell to the point that she thinks ghost are involved but tries to put on a brave face. Ayesha does it again and this time Bell screams too. This scene makes me laugh every time I see it because it reminds me of how my sister and I are with each other.


To The SkyI really adore Bell. From the first moment I saw her and heard her talk. I was like “ZOMG! I finally relate to a game character that isn’t a boy!” I was so excited. It seemed like everything Bell did was something very similar to me. Maybe this was just pure excitement over the whole thing but I still feel very close to her. Wanting to get better at something without doing the work (or pawning if off on my sister), trying hard to get people to like me, scaring easily, eating fresh baked bread (there is an event for that that involves the bakery on Hill Plaza) or just being over the top when it comes to anything, all of that is something I would do or have tried. My sister doesn’t make it easy to pawn things off on her it’s best to just stop trying that one. It might sound weird for me to like Bell just because she remains me of myself but I’m okay with that. We don’t look alike or dress alike but we do act similar and it’s why I’m drawn to her. Hopefully this doesn’t make me sound like an egoist.

Coming up with a name was tough too. There were so many to choose from but I went with “Adorabell” because I adore Bell and she’s adorable. Yay, word play. Am I right? My other choices that I had were “Magic Special featuring Wilbell the Magnificent”, “Bells and Broomsticks”, “Pumpkin Bomb” and “Magnificent Wilbell’s Magic Special”. All suggested by Snow. I might change the name but for now I’m okay with it.

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