This is Cherri's tribute to Takeshi Yuno of Dreamy Days in West Tokyo, an iOS otome game. The game was introduced to me by my sisters, Snow and Emi. And honestly, I didn't know who to pick but Snow said that Takeshi liked shounen hop and samurai. I was sold and picked him. He really is just the greatest guy ever. He also calls the Main Character, Little Duck and that's what I'll be referring to her as. This is also an ongoing project, it's not finished.

Cherri ♪ Part of Little Jelly

Angel with a Hose

You need something? Takeshi loves shounen hop (a magazine with shounen manga) and samurai. He also works at his family's bath house. When I found out about this, I wanted to play and impress him. Unfortunately, I fail at otome games. I pick the answers I like and they generally don't get me anywhere. It makes it very hard to stay onboard. But I stuck with it because if you do get the right answer you get fan service images. Anyway, back to Takeshi. He is very sweet and quite. He also likes running.

In fact! That's what his season 1 story revolves around: his running. He isn't sure he wants to keep at it but Little Duck supports him in it. They also help a little boy (Ryu's younger brother, I believe) at running so he can impress a girl. Little Duck notices that Takeshi looks really happy when he is running and further supports him doing so. While it kind of irritates him at first like she is just pressing him into it, he realizes she is doing this because she knows it what he loves.

Little Duck also uses the Bath House that Takeshi's family owns because Joji "doesn't have" a bathroom. Takeshi also cons her into helping him clean and by cons her I mean she willing offers her help because she is getting free baths. (Pretty sure this is how it is.) Also, I think she just wants to spend time with him.

(I'll write more when I play more of Takeshi's stories.)

Valentine's with Takeshi

Come on. Let's go! I think Takeshi's Valentine's date would be something simple. Like staying in and reading the latest issues of shounen hop while dressed as samurai. Or maybe going for a run and cleaning the bathhouse afterwards. He just doesn't seem the type for romantic dinners and long walks on the beach. And I'm okay with that, because cosplaying while reading manga seems like a good date to me. Of course, this is just my personal opinion on what would happen on a date. Then again, he might want to role play Romance of the Three Kingdoms or the Shinsengumi or 47 Ronin. Which again, I'm completely fine with. Mainly because it's just spending time with the one you love. You don't have to be super romantic one day out of the year, you can just take the time to spend all day with each other and not worry about stupid stuff.

Then his friends would pick on him about how he spends Valentine's with his girl and he would say stuff back. It’s a happy family. That's part of what I like about this game. They guys are all friends and they tease each other but they all care about each other.....except for maybe (probably) Ichigo. Ichigo is just a jerk.


Why clean when we can play? Emi-rin invited a few of us to do a Valentine's Date Challenge with her. Pretty sure we all accepted. Because it's awesome and we even came up with a hashtag for it. It makes it fun. I originally picked My Forged Wedding’s Kyoichi because I had a title for it, but I change dudes on the last day because of the cliché used in the story. I then went with Dreamy Days in West Tokyo’s Takeshi.

And for Valentine's Day my parents got me some iTunes cards. So guess who is buying more Takeshi stories and has two thumbs. That's right, me! I'm really stupid excited about all of this.

Layout was made in Adobe Photoshop CS4 and hand coded in Dreamweaver CS4. Images are screen caps I took while playing the game. Fonts are from DaFont. Much thanks to Snow, Emi, and Mikari for just being them. I'm happy we are all sisters.