Welcome to Cherri's One Page tribute Her Majesty, to Queen Rutela from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Because of Amassment's One Page, One Month marathon I got a little additcted to making one page and when I saw Rutela (after a very long break and a restart of Twilight Princess) I thought she was beautiful and thought about making a site to her. The though consumed me and I ended up making it. She's queen of Zora's Domain. I like her better than Ruto. Anyway, read on and I hope you like it. This site is based off how I understood what happened and there are spoilers.

Twilight Princess Twilight Princess, is the story of a young man from Ordon Village in the Faron Provinince. He goes on his journey to deliver a sword to Hyrule Castle. However he is thrown into an epic journey when his friends are kidnapped. To make matters worse, Hyrule is engulfed in Twilight and he no longer has his human form. Twilight Princess follows Link’s journey to restore light to the three provinces of Hyrule while trying to save his missing friends.

Link encounters the frozen Zora on his quest to save the light Spirit, Lanayru. The Zora Tribe is a race of fish people who are still thriving, like the Gorons. It's rare for them to have a queen and it makes Rutela all the more important. As Ruto in Ocarina of Time probably never made it to be the queen and her mother died when she was young. Rutela's name is also based off of Ruto's name. There maybe some connection between then, like a decendant or something.

Her Fate

Rutela Concept Rutela is queen of Zora's Domain in the Lanaryu Province. One day a man with a hooded cloak, named Zant, appeared and demanded she surrender or die. Rutela, being a queen had a very hard decision to make. She chose to defy Zant. It didn’t bother Zant one way or another for he had a very sinister plan. He then executed Queen Rutela publicly so that the Zora would know what happens to those who defy him.

Rutela told her son, Prince Ralis, to go to Hyrule Castle and tell Princess Zelda what happened to the Zora. The King and Queen of Zora were dead and the rest frozen in ice. However, Zant made it to Hyrule before the young prince. Ralis fell ill.

A Mother's Love

Prince Ralis Rutela is dead and her son is gravely ill in Hyrule Castle Town. Link and Minda end up in Zora’s Domain on his quest to save the land (again). After defrosting the Zora, Link and Midna leave because they are unable to do anything else. Before they can, however, Rutela uses some of her remaining energy to contact Link and requests his assistance in saving her son. If he does so, she will reward him with a zora treasure that allows the wearer to breath underwater. After completing her quest, Link acquires the Zora’s Armor from the Zora King’s grave. This item is required to continue the game.

While Ralis slept, his mother would appear in dreams and tell him of Link and what he looked like. Even though she died, she still does her best to look after her son. And when all is said and done, Rutela still watches over her son in the Zora’s Domain.

I believe that King Zora was dead before Zant came along, probably died in battle as Link needs to visit his grave. After Link helps Ralis, Rutela mentions she can rest and be at her husband’s side once again. I think he had been deceased for awhile. He probably watched over his family and domain as Rutela does.

The Zora

Female Zoras The Zora (classified by river Zora and sea Zora) are a type of fish tribe with humanoid features. They have evolved through time looking more like fish to humanish fish creatures. There are male and female Zoras but a royal female is rare. Rutela and Ruto, are the only ones I know of that are royalty. Another fact about the Zoras is that they do not wear clothing. That's right Rutela's dress is actually her fins. Some Zora do wear armor and a few actually wear clothing (Lulu, Toto (Majora’s Mask) and Laruto (Wind Waker)). Other than that all other clothing is actually scales.

In one point in time the Zoras were enemies of Link always shooting things at him in dungeons and being mean. However as time went on the Zoras became a peaceful race and help Link on his quests. I think the King of Hyrule had something to do with this as in Ocarina of Time, king Zora and king Hyrule are friends and the Zoras were trusted with the sacred melody. The Zora still thrive through the generations and are doing well (when they aren't being frozen).

Parella The Zora may be desendents of the Parella (Skyward Sword). It's a fish race and they don't appear in any game after. The Zoras also do not appear in Skyward Sword. "We originally planned to have a race that closely resembled the Zora, but we were told to design a more primitive race, and the idea was rejected." - Hyrule Historia, pg 48. And this is mostly why I think that Zoras could have came from the Parella. I have yet to play Skyward Sword, so this is just my theory.


Queen RutelaRutela is beautiful! And it’s nice to see another female noble besides Princess Zelda. Even though both are rulers and want what’s best for their homes and people, they make very different choices. Zelda surrenders Hyrule to Zant while Rutela refused to surrender. I think Rutela figured that whatever choice she made it would end the same way, with her death. As most antagonists generally don’t keep their word. I don’t blame her for the choice she made as a ruler; there are many hard decisions to make and not all of them are great. As someone in command the rule is “Pick the lesser of two evils”. Rutela chose what she thought was best.

Something I really like about her is that even though she died, she still looks after her son. She tries to protect him, she sent him away to Hyrule before Zant killed her. I think another reason for that was so he wouldn’t have to feel helpless that he couldn’t save his mother. Going on a quest to tell Zelda what happened would have removed Ralis from the situation and that pain. But, of course there is the pain from when he finds out about his mother’s fate. But she tried her best to keep her son safe. That isn’t a quality found in a lot of mothers nowadays. I respect a woman that puts her child first and does everything she can for them. She still watches over him.

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