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Welcome to Galbana Lily, Cherri’s tribute to Reks from Final Fantasy XII. I believe that Reks is a good character and we don’t get to learn a lot about him. He cares for his younger brother Vaan. He also tries very hard at what he is doing even though he comes off a little pessimistic. I wanted to give Reks a little tribute as I feel he doesn’t get enough love. So, I hope I’m able to give Reks some justice and love because he is only important for a short time in the game.

In Final Fantasy XII, Reks is the first playable character. His section works as the tutorial on how to play the game. Captain Basch fon Rosenburg is the tutorial master and helps Reks through talking, moving, and specific points to check out along with how to fight. Even though Reks is available during this part only, it is a very important part of the game. He might be lost but is not forgotten.

There are unmarked spoilers.

The Prologue

Reks’ journey starts when he joins the Dalmascan army; it’s towards the end of the war when the treaty is to be signed. He is put into a group with Basch and Vossler. Basch helps Reks and asks him why he is there for he is much too young. Reks replies “It’s for my parents. They died and it’s just my younger brother and I left. I want to help.” Basch is happy with that and promises to see him safely returned. Vossler is annoyed with the whole thing and doesn’t care. They set off into the castle to get to the king before the Archadians do. A group of enemy soldiers run in and Reks tells Basch to get to the King as Vossler went ahead previous. Reks takes care of the soldiers and when he catches up to Basch, what he see is terrible.

Soldiers from both sides lay on the floor dead. More importantly he see that his king is also dead. Basch comes up to Reks and stabs the young man. Reks asks “Why?” He falls to the floor unanswered. He watches the Empire subdue Basch before he passes out. Reks does not know that the man that stabbed him is not Basch. He never gets to find out either. This was part of an elaborate scheme hatched Vayne Solidor using Basch’s twin brother. He wanted Basch (a steady figure within Dalmasca) to be the villain of Dalmasca, Reks was caught in the plot. By using Basch’s face, the empire was able to take down their enemy and continue to create discontent with Dalmasca.

Later Reks is seen in a hospital looks rather out of it. He wears white pajamas and just stares off. Vaan, his brother two years younger, visits him as much is allowed (I believe). He brings him “Galbana Lilies” because they are his [Reks] favorite flower. Vaan asks “You weren’t really part of it, were you?” And Reks is shown to fade out into sparkles leaving a ring behind as the lilies lay on the chair.

That’s Reks’ story. Rather short. The game never states how Reks died, well Vaan shouts at Basch screaming “It was you, you killed him!” But Basch didn’t do it; it wasn’t Basch who stabbed Reks. In the manga Reks dies from the torture he had to go through to find out what happened to the King and the treaty. I think it might have been the same in the game and Vaan was told he died because of the stab wound from Basch. It’s what all viewers are lead to believe. But I think he might have undergone torture like in the manga but it never states that.

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I named the site after Reks' favorite flowers, Galbana Lilies. They grow in the Dalmascan desert. I think Reks and Vaan used to play out in the desert when their parents were alive. I also think that Reks' family was close with Penelo's family as they take in Vaan while Reks is away. Reks doesn't really have a big part but he seems important at first. As the game goes on he isn't mentioned as much and then he isn't spoken about. I don't believe they forgotten about him, just they don't dwell on what happened to him anymore. It just seems sad that he isn’t part of the story anymore.

I decided to make this page after starting up Final Fantasy XII again and deciding to make one to Gabranth first. Well somehow Reks wanted to be made first. So I worked on Galbana Lily. I honestly like Reks more than Vaan and wish he had more screen time. Reks’s story though it is short it was full of heartbreak and betrayal. He knew not what was going on and tried his best throughout. Reks just wanted to protect his brother and died in the process because of some power hungry jerk. He never knows that Basch had a twin brother and that he was never betrayed by the man he admired. Reks believed in what he was doing was right and unfortunately had to pay a heavy price for what was being done. I don’t believe it was his to pay.

Really I want Reks to have more screen time or to learn more about him. But it probably won’t happen and we just get 10 minutes where he is the leading man.

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