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Welcome to Honor Bound a one page tribute to Lloyd Reed the White Wolf of the Black Fang from Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken (or Blazing Swords). Lloyd is a swordmaster, an older brother, some type of hot assassin and a pretty nice guy. However, he is one of my favorties, so I might end up being really bias. With that said enjoy reading about Lloyd. Spoilers might be abound as well.

Lloyd Reed

The White Wolf

Lloyd is the eldest brother of the Reed family. He is a highly trained swordmaster working for the Black Fang. A man that keeps his cool in almost every situation. He keeps a level head and his emotions when dealing with currupted nobles.

Lloyd is particularly close with his younger brother, Linus. When Lloyd gives his brother an order it is done without hesitation, something that Linus won't do for others. And when Linus dies, Lloyd vows revenge. As Linus follows Lloyd's orders to a T, Lloyd does the same with his father, Brendan's orders. While not fond of his new step mother (Sonia), Lloyd doesn't talk about it. He keeps his mistrust and dislike of her to himself. When they got a new mom, they also got a little sister, Nino. Lloyd is also close with their step sister Nino and refuses to kill her (unlike Linus).

Lloyd is similar to that of Uther of Ostia. It is stated by Hector that Lloyd reminds him of his brother. And reversely stated that Hector is much like Linus. The Reed Brothers are much like the Ostian Brothers. Also sharing brotherlyness with Glen and Cormag of Sacred Stones.

Lloyd is also the type to give his enemies a chance to talk about the situation. After meeting up with Eliwood or Hector and getting their side of the story, it changes Lloyd's mind about what is going on and how he needs to go back and talk to the Fang. Unfortuantely Limstella kills one brother which drives the other mad and the lords must now deal with other brother.


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He makes his first apperance in Kinship's Bond (Chapter 21/22). And is possibly fought in Chapter 23 (depending on the level of the Lords, level must be under 50). He is also fought in the final chapter along with other Fang members.

In the Final Chapter, it is important to kill the Reed Brothers because if you don't they will slaughter you. They generally stay within 3 spaces of each other and have A-rank supports. Lloyd has a Light Brand and Linus has a tiny little hand axe (It's actually a tomahawk and a brave sword) that he WILL kill you with. If you can defeat one of them the other falls easily. Bolting is a good option to use against them.

The Fang

One does not simply mess with the Fang.

The Black Fang (or The Fang) is based in Bern and is a group of people that do all kinds of jobs. Scouting, assassinating nobles for being unjust and other things like that. At least until Brendan Reed married a woman named Sonia. She slowly took over the Fang and corrupted it. Though certain members of the Fang (when confronted) still tried to do the right thing. Lloyd is part of the Four Fangs which is the most notable and strongest members of the Fang and they generally get titles. There are exceptions, as Legualt and Uhai have titles but are not of the Four Fangs.

Four Fangs

Cherri's View

Totally bias opinions.

There are many reasons I like Lloyd. He's a swordmaster which is my favorite class, he's an older brother where I'm a younger sister, Lloyd and Linus actually have a similar relationship to that of my siter and I. He is also very attractive and confident. He isn't the type to stray from the path he sets out on. He is also one of the few characters to have a last name. That's pretty rare in Fire Emblem. Lloyd is also cool as he is the only swordmaster that isn't of Sacaen heritage.

I decided to name it Honor Bound because of Lloyd's personality. He has a strong sense of justice and honor. Always trying to do what's right and protect his younger siblings. That's another reason why I like Lloyd, he is an older brother and a good one at that. I wasn't orignally going to make a site to Lloyd but my sister and I got to talking and this got added. There is the history of the site. Also thanks to Snow for her Linus outline that I partially used.

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