To Top Chef, a One Page tribute to Iksel Jahnn from Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland and Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland for the Play Station 3 and based off of the North American releases. I hope you enjoy your stay and I'm goning to tell you now, there is probably fangirl gushing and spoilers, so do be careful. Have a great day!

June 28, 2013 | Little Jelly & One Page, One Month

Iksel Jahnn

Iksel (Rorona)

Iksel is young, hot headed, obsessed with cooking, friendly, and sarcastic. He is a childhood friend of Rorona and cooking mentor for Totori. He is usually supportive, except when he thinks someone is better at cooking than he is. When it comes to cooking Iksel is downright over the top competitive and will not rest until it's proven he is better at it. Cooking is his life, what he lives for.

In Rorona, he is an in-training chef and looks to be dressed like a fancy waiter. In Totori, he is a full-fledge chef and dresses like one. It's nice to see that his hard work paid off. His personality doesn't change much between the two games. He got a little taller, changed his clothes and his hair is a little different but other than that Iksel is Iksel.

For me, I really like Iksel. My sister and I started with Totori because we didn't know about Rorona. She instantly liked Sterk and I wanted a favorite in Atelier Totori and I got what I wanted as soon as I saw and heard Iksel. I immediately knew that he was voiced by Johnny Bosch (he has a very distinct voice and it made me happy). Iksel is a little red head, obsessed with cooking, and funny. I took quite the liking to him. Then when we did find out about Rorona and played it, it just made me like him more. I got to see what he was like when he was younger. Not much different but you can see how he became what he is now. I'm also upset that he doesn't make an appearance in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.

The festival in Year 1 where you can gather up cabbage is pretty great. If you collect a lot of cabbage (as in fill your basket) you will beat Iksel. He gets upset and calls Rorona "Cabbage Girl". He is set in his ways and doesn't like to be beaten often getting rather upset when it happens. I find it funny, makes me want to hug him.


Iksel in battle is an all right choice. I also like to use Sterk but the two of them together not a great choice as they are opposite elements. It makes using specials really hard. It adds a certain challenge to battle. Iksel is kind of squishy, he has healing techs and hits decently. His skills are food based but they are not required to be in the inventory to use them unlike Rorona and Totori's. Iksel has his own items but you can't use them as the "use item" is only for alchemist. I found Iksel to be helpful in battle with his healing and I like using him, it's just a wee bit hard with Sterk there too. Fun nonetheless. I used Sterk and Iksel in Rorona and then Sterk and Gino in Totori. I'm biased and will tell everyone to use Iksel (even if he is squishy) but fight with your favorites and have fun.

Role: Rorona

Iksel's role in Rorona is to help her out while she tries to keep the workshop. He is a friendly rival of hers and the second playable character. Equipped with a fying pan he goes off to find ingredients for cooking. Since he works at Sunrise Cafe as an in-training chef you can stop in and see him, buying items or doing personal requests. Iksel tends to get really competitive if he thinks Rorona is better at cooking than he is. He is also a sort of comic relief.

Cooking Contest: Rorona

One day while alchemizing food and talking to Iksel, he gets really upset and challenges Rorona to a cooking contest. Rorona isn't really interested but Iksel forces the idea and Astrid doesn't help. On the day of the contest make a food item (I made Cabbage Soup) that is really high quality and you should win. Iksel thinks he will win no matter what and Rorona is unsure about the whole thing. The two go to their respective areas and cook while Homhom and Astrid wait. Rorona and Iksel finish and take their food to Homhom who will be judging. Iksel is still sure he will win and Rorona is still unsure about herself. Depending on the quality on the item you made does affect the scene a little but I'm going with you won. Homhom will say Iskel's food was good but Master's (Rorona's) was better. It upsets Iksel and Astrid explains that he didn't make his food with love and as a chef that should not be forgotten. He agrees and leaves. Then Astrid suckers Rorona into cooking dinner.

Iskel is really over the top about cooking because he loves it so much. I find it funny because that never changes. It's actually one of the reasons why I like Iksel. The fact that he is voiced by Johnny Bosch is just a plus. And he fights with a frying pan because it hurts when you get hit with it. It's something he tells Cory and she gets mad. Iksel is very sweet he's just also hot-headed and blind when it comes to cooking.

Ending Requirements

Iksel's ending requires a couple of things: traveling to different locations to get special items (the events are automatic as long as you have him in the party) and the Good Ending (Assignment Stars < 94, Popularity 80+).


While unlocking areas and triggering events be sure to check back at Sunrise Cafe for more events. The final event for Iksel will be noted with an image of Rorona working at the cafe.

Final Event Iksel's Ending

To be honest even though I love Iksel dearly I have never gotten his ending. I didn't have enough popularity because I get tired of doing Esty's requests. So I can't really write a lot on his ending but I found the requirements and am sharing them, in hopes someone can get the ending.

Role: Totori

In Atelier Totori, Iksel is no longer playable. He just stays at the Sunrise Cafe and sells items to Totori much like he did for Rorona. Iksel is now a full-fledged Chef and runs the Sunrise Cafe. He is still his charming and friendly self, in fact he ends up treating poor little Totori just like Rorona! He has his own events at Sunrise and even a cooking contest like in Rorona.

I know I just said that Iksel wasn't a playable character but he actually is. Through DLC you can get Iksel in your party to help you fight. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any special events or endings in Totori. The DLC only lets you recruit Iksel to the party and nothing more. No additional story and nothing changes.

Cooking Contest: Totori

At first Totori doesn't know how to cook because Ceci does all the cooking and sometimes lets Totori help. When Totori goes to the Sunrise Cafe and Iksel finds out that she can't cook he teaches her how. He is really excited to have an apprentice as he is quite jealous that Rorona had one before him.

There are a few events in this before the contest actually starts. He gets upset again and challenges the poor little alchemist to a cooking contest! Iksel why won't you learn? Also be sure to have at least ONE Chim by the end of year 2.

Cooking Contest

Why I Love Iksel

I like him because he is obsessed with being a great chef. In fact he is so obsessed with it he goes over the top with it. So far as in challenging little alchemist girls to cooking contests and forgets an important ingredient. I love that about him. Iksel is also the big brother type and loves serving food to people. He really is rather loving when he isn't being super competitive about cooking. And he fights with a frying pan and is sarcastic. Did I mention voiced by Johnny Bosch? Because that's a plus too. Iksel is passionate about what is important to him and that's what I love about him. All in all I like the guys with a single obsession.


I decided to join the Amassment Marathon: One Page, One Month. It was a tough choice as one page tributes are rather difficult for me and I didn't know who to pick. In fact I kind of left it up to my twitter followers and Chibi spoke up and mentioned more Atelier sites need to be made. I ended up going with that as I was unable to choose for myself. I really like Iksel and wanted to make a tribute for him anyway, this just made it happen sooner. ♥

Images were found through google search and I had to do some research for certain areas because I couldn't remember things or not sure how something was, so thank you Wiki. The favicon is from Whimsical and the bullets from Spriters Resource. Everything else was made and coded by me, Cherri. And much thanks to Snow for beta reading.


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