Welcome to Cherri's One Page tribute, Malignant to Bud of Legend of Mana. He is one of my favorites and I've been meaning to make a site to him and I finally got around to it. Here you can learn about his quest line, most of which involve Lisa (his older sister), Li'l Cactus and the protagonist. And hopefully it'll properly explain why Bud and why he is so cool. He can use magic, you know? So I hope you enjoy your stay. Possible spoilers and biasness are abound.

Legend of Mana

Female ProtagonistMale ProtagonistLegend of Mana, a world of creation. In this game you can pick just about everything and make the world as you want. To start you chose where you want to live, which protagonist you want to play (male or female), your weapon (can be changed later) and where you want your house. Fa'Diel was artifacted and it's up to you to fix it. Obtain Artifacts and place them on them map, bring back the Goddess and save the world. There isn't a set plot but there is still so much you can to and so many people to meet and help. Really, there is no end to it as long as you have your imagination.

Bud's In-game Description: Lisa's twin brother. He thinks he is a great sorcerer, though he still has much to learn. He was run out of the Academy of Magic because he was too mischievous. His magic frying-pan was once his mother's.

The Little Sorcerers

Get Bud & LisaAfter returning home from a long day with Niccolo, you are told about scary pumpkins in Domina. Go to Domina and talk with the people, mostly the mail pelican to learn more about these pumpkins. When that is finished head to the Outskirts (still in Domina) to see two children talking about ruling the world. Okay, the boy is gloating and claiming to be Bud the Malignant while the girl just doesn't really care. Bud and Lisa notice you. A fight breaks out and you win. Afterwards Bud wants to be your apprentice and agree to it. Now you can use Bud and Lisa in battle and for quests. They stay at home. Be sure to tell your Li'l Cactus all about it.

Daddy's Broom

Help LisaYou come home and Lisa is crying about a lost broom. Go upstairs and talk to Li'l Cactus. He threw away the broom! Run to the junkyard to follow Lisa (you should have Bud in your party). When the broom is found it's broken. Lisa is upset again because it was their father's. The ground starts to shake, Bud gives Lisa a quick pep talk and the twins run off. I think Bud tapes the broom back together for his siter and all is well again. Be sure to tell Li'l Cactus about it.

The Seven Wisdoms

Meet the Wisdoms One day talking to Bud, he will mention wanting to met the Seven Wisdoms (but one is dead, so you only have to meet six). Agree to help him. Take him to see Gaeus in Luon Highway, Tote at Lake Kilma, Rosiotti in the Jungle,Pokeihl in Ulkan Mines (can be met during Mine Your Own Business) Olbohn in the Underworld, and Selva in Gato Gottes. This is the only quest that won't automatically end when you go home as it takes a bit to finish. The wisdoms bestow knowlegde to Bud and he feels better about becoming a great sorcerer. Tell Li'l Cactus when you finish.

Li'l Cactus

Li'l Cactus Quest One day you come home or downstairs and Bud is sick! It's a mage sickness that all mages get in their life. You gotta save him and Li'l Cactus is no where to be found! Run all over Fa'Diel (Luon Highway, Jungle, Geo, SS Buccaneer, and Domina) and finally return home. When you get there Bud is just fine, thanks to Li'l Cactus. Because of Bud and Lisa, Li'l Cactus was able to go on a journey and make some friends. Talk to Li'l Cactus when you get home.

Legend of Mana info, a detailed site for any help you might need to play the game. Also has detailed quest information.


Bud In battle Bud (NPC) isn't the most helpful. He has 3 magic attacks and 1 special move. And is pretty squishy. You can't change his equipment (equipment can only be changed on the main character), which doesn't help. So raise his levels and grab a friend and that should help on making Bud more useful.

I love this little guy. He is adorable. While he is michievous and adventurous, he does care a lot about his older sister Lisa. He lives by words spoken by his father "rather live as a coward than die as a hero". Which I find cute he sticks by that. Even though his dad wasn't a very good sorcerer.

Bud is quite great. He has his mother's frying pan and Lisa has their dad's broom. I think on can tell that they loved their parents very much, keeping the heirlooms and trying to become great sorcerers like their parents. Through the Apperentice Arc (Bud and Lisa's quest) the player can see the relationship Bud and Lisa have with each other. They get along like any other siblings would and they aren't afraid to show concern or tell the other "You're being a butt. Knock it off." They are close as they are all each other has until the protagonist takes them in as apprentices. They even show great concern during the Jumi Arc for their master. The player can get extra story if they bring Bud or Lisa along on quest in Geo or Bone Fortess and talk to the students.


Malignant comes from what Bud calls himself in The Little Sorcerer quest. Bud is a good kid. Also much thanks to Snow for helping me out and letting me use some design elements from her site, Dear Diary. Also if you want to link exchange or affliate, I'm good with that. Just let me know if you have questions or what not by sending me an email.

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